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Skyrim, Halo, Super Mario Bros.

*sniffle sniffle* Cortana!!!


Skyrim, Halo, Super Mario Bros.

*sniffle sniffle* Cortana!!!

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My name is Vyce Dyne and I am a frackin’ sky pirate! Sorted.


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Simon could you be any more of an absolute legend? 


I’m Minato Arisato. I’m screwed since I die at the end of the game anyways.

My name is Ezio Auditore da Firenze, and I win. Every time.

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oh this is just too perfect

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OOOOOOH! by Winter Artwork - Sold on June 26th at Teefury

USD$10 for 24 hours only

Follow the artist on Tumblr

I want this because of reasons.

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Mass effect 3…

I miss you! It’s been far too long :/


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best cosplay ever

best cosplay ever

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GAMEBOY pocket

GAMEBOY pocket

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The latest Kingdom Hearts 3D game footage debuted during the Nintendo Direct presentation today. Check out the next entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and possibly the game that will bridge us to Kingdom Hearts III.

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too awesome

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if Thane isn’t on the squad in ME3


He will be, there’s a mission where you go with him to rescue some hanar prisoners who are developing a cure for his disease.

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Bioware’s (Mass Effect) response to backlash…


As most of you Mass Effect fans know, there is a lot of love for both Kaidan and Ashley (but there is also an equal amount of hate). As for myself I like Ashley both combat and story wise; Kaidan, only story wise.


Come Mass Effect 2 and the first two squad mates you meet are literal shadows of Kaidan and Ashley… Jacob and Miranda. Jacob, the soldier (albeit with biotic powers) and Miranda, the super awesome biotic. Jacob has an amazing back story, but is boring as shit (Kaidan). Miranda’s just an all around bitch (Ashley) but isn’t likable at all. 

It’s like Bioware is saying, “Sorry you guys don’t really like Ashley and Kaidan as much as we wanted you to. To fix this problem we’re going to give you two new squat mates (and romance options) in ME2 that are EXTREME versions of the original two romance options.” 

I guess bioware want’s us to appreciate their creations. Bioware we learned our lesson. 



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Mass Effect by *MattRhodes

rashard check this ish out

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