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The kankers are kinda hot

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Batman and his Amazing Friends 

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Batman Villains Line-Up : By Adoradora

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awesome nintendo art

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awesome illusive man is always awesome

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I had no idea my painted meme faces had been going around tumblr in a different post than my own but at 50,000+ notes, tickle me thrilled. There are new super close-ups of each face over on the Illustrated Internet Gallery on my website.

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“Me Gusta Face, Evolved” - By Sam Spratt

Despite the very… questionable… nose on this guy, I decided to push through and do my best to not make a phallus protruding from his face while remaining moderately faithful to the original—this is the second of “Series 2” of my evolved meme faces. There will be 2 more. 

Previous Meme Faces:


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Oooo Marceline….why are you so ME-EAN!!I’m not mean i’m 1,000 years old an i just lost sight of my moral code…

Oooo Marceline….why are you so ME-EAN!!
I’m not mean i’m 1,000 years old an i just lost sight of my moral code…

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